Saturday, June 27, 2015

No Jingle Bells... At Least Not in September

Before my PET scan in Houston, I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and BOY was I shocked at what I saw: Not one, not two, but THREE Christmas trees decorated to the hilt... as if we were days from the BIG holiday. Wal-Mart is usually the one putting up Christmas ornaments near Oct. 31 or as quickly after as possible -- BUT NOT THIS EARLY. 

Autumn, my favorite season. I want to enjoy it. COME ON!  

The Cracker Barrel thing shocked me. 

In fact, this Healing Redhead got a bit hotheaded! 

Yeah, sometimes it doesn't take much. Plus, I was hours from a Houston appointment.*

See, here's the thing: it doesn't reflect Cracker Barrel's seemingly laid-back, enjoy-the-moment and reminiscence-with-family-and-friends 'tude it serves up alongside country gravy and collard greens. Or maybe it is just me. It's those dang rocking chairs on the wooden front porch! One whispered something - it was an eek or two - to me in its back-n-forth motion in the warm even'n breeze. After all, it was the FIRST of SEPTEMBER when I dined at the restaurant. No autumn decor to see! Plenty of gifts and treasures from the North Pole, though. Did an employee or corporate person get ahead of themselves on the chart or the to-do list? The only sense of normalcy in the gift shop and restaurant that day (and I know some will disagree) was hearing Clint Black's voice. At least he wasn't singing Jingle Bells. 

* I see a plethora of doctors, surgeons, and nurses and do scans for Schannomatosis at MD Anderson. Fun. 

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  1. Just wanted to say hello! Found this via Kristi's blog and wanted to pop in. I also have NF1, diagnosed as a young child, probably around 2. I've been lucky it's been so mild all my life but now I'm a few months from 30 and am starting to wonder. But here we are anyway, you know? Looking forward to reading more!