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1. I was diagnosed officially with Schwannomatosis in 2011 confirmed by a blood test. I had symptoms of Neurofibromatosis as early as a teen-ager, though. My first surgery and biopsy (benign) was at age 18. 2. My grandfather, aunt (Susie), and father all had Neurofibromatosis. I am the only one left living with the condition in my family. 3. I have only one cafe au lait spot. 4. I have had more than 20 surgeries and medical procedures, including installation of a wound vac and a pain stimulator. 5. Chronic pain sucks. 6. Furry friends (I'm a dog person) get me through some of the hardest days! 7. I want to do my part as a writer to help get the word out about the many stories of Neurofibromatosis -- what it is, how it affects patients and their families, and maybe even raise some $$$ in the process! 8. I would not know what to do without my iPad. 9. I wrote on both my high school and college newspapers. Not the yearbook. 10. I lived in Idaho for nearly 20 years. I was born in Texas & live here now. I have also lived in western Montana. I wouldn't mind living there again some day or western Washington or the French countryside. Tres jolie! Oui! :) 11. I adore camping in a yurt! No, not the Neiman Marcus suite! The yurts I speak of are available at some campgrounds and resorts across the country. 12. Twitter is a great resource if you want to chat #Neurofibromatosis #chronic #pain #gratitude for what you do have! I know I am addicted. Come join me: red_head30 13. My goal in 2012 is to read 35 books since I will be turning that age... in a few a...OK, February. Wish me luck, it's like Book-it all over again. I need some yellow star stickers! ;) 14. I graduated from college with honors (don't be so surprised!) with a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and Journalism. I worked at the local newspaper for awhile then ended up at the University of Idaho, just 40 minutes from home. I first worked as a writer and then graduated to a writer/editor working on the faculty/staff newsletter. I worked at the university for nearly a decade. 15. I wrote and presented my Dad's eulogy -- shaking knees and all. As hard as it was, I am glad I did it. It is something I look back on and don't regret. Somehow I managed to keep it together while I spoke. 16. I dislike asparagus, raisins, and rice pudding. Can't do it. 17. I love books more than I love purses unless it is Chanel. But I can't afford Chanel. So I stare in awe at the ads at the high-end stores on occasion -- just window(screen) shop. 18. I love famous quotations. Inspirational. Funny. Off-beat. Serious. Celebratory. 19. I am an only child. 20. I wish Idaho could moved closer to Texas or vice-versa. I miss the coffee talk, lunch dates, late-night gab sessions, etc. I now have family close, but terribly miss my college friends who are like family. Agh. 21. Instagram: I am in love w/ The #Gram LOL! Follow Me at: LeslieRed30 || 22. Oops. Almost forgot. One last bit of info. Single. Still looking for My Guy. Been busy in ERs, waiting rooms, hospitals and *dang it* hasn't been hanging out there getting a CT or operating one either! ;) And my doctors have all been too young or married. Sigh. One did look like Hugh Grant, though. #smile So, the search continues & I PATIENTLY WAIT... #inthewaitingroom ||

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