Monday, January 23, 2012

Does Brian or Betty Feel More Pain? -- A Battle of the Sexes

I ran across the article below today & had to share! Do women really experience more pain than men? Well, we do give childbirth and get PMS every month for *how* many years? I hate to say it, though, women seem to be more proactive as a whole when it comes to health. But, we can ALL do better getting each other to the doctor, when needed. We can hold each other's hands through the pain! The point isn't who feels more pain but what are you going to do about it! The best answer: Be Proactive. Don't Wait... When it comes to your health. Now you will wait when you get there, but that's a small price to pay (bring a healthy snack & a water) between something caught early and being too late.

Do you think women and men feel pain differently?

Do you feel it is a question worth asking? Why or Why not?

Article: Do Women Feel More Pain Than Men?

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