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'Small moments win'

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The "attitude of gratitude" on Facebook has had me thinking. Yes, I know, shocking, isn't? For those of you unaware, some folks on Facebook are using status updates during November to show love to their parents, kids, co-workers, etc. It's all about showing what you are thankful from BIG to small given that it's the month of Thanksgiving.

Here's the deal, as much as the big ticket items should get their due, I want the small things to get the recognition they deserve. So many times, the little things get overlooked, passed by, and simply missed. I believe the little things are so often best things! Not to discount the parents, kids, and co-workers -- NO WAY! They are MUCHO important. I just want the spotlight turned on the little things, too. I know in a month's time small items will make people's list as you will see in a little bit. Here are a few of the examples that could very much be worthy of gratitude if on my lil' list:
-Christmas twinkle lights;
-Warmth of a fire;
-The bare page, empty screen; (a writer thing)
-Puppy hug;
-Holiday creamers;
-The first page of really good book;
-Sappy holiday movies on Lifetime & Hallmark channels (my DVR is full!) and
-Sonic happy hour!

After a long day, a hot bubble bath or shower is one of the best things in the world. Some might argue something else is (cue Barry White!) but I'm not going there. That's for someone else's blog. Ha!
I gave a maid of honor speech at a wedding reception for my friends Matt and Sarah [Baney] several years ago in Idaho and I told the happy couple that the big events in their marriage are, of course, important and worthy of the picture book and, I guess now, worthy of the Smart phone, or what I call the Smarter-than-Us phone or the Smarter-than-Me phone. The big events are special, champagne moments but the small ones will bind you both together, connect you as a couple. These will be the moments you will look back on the most and be most grateful for as a couple. Now even though I didn't quite word it like that then, I am now for the sake of this post and the intrinsic message remains: small moments win. I think it's a great lil' message this time of year!

The following are two recent excerpts from*
"While I'm not doing the 30 days of thankfulness here on FB, I did feel quite thankful today for public libraries. . . . as I was walking out with a bag of 35 books. How lucky we are! Thank you Benjamin Franklin (and others)."
--Jolene Cihak-Taylor

"I am thankful for music that begs to be blasted and sung along with such as Blister in the Sun" --Liza Woods Anderson

Both are small moments that have big impact. Each reflect what life is truly about: celebration and the simple fact of R&R: sittin' back with a good book or rockin' out to your favorite tune!
Quick note on public libraries. I love 'em. I could do a whole post on 'em and probably will one of these days just to show those of you out there what you're missing. Get ready: free movies, magazines, books! For all ages! But for now, a simple statement of thankfulness! We are all indeed lucky to have our libraries. I will say that I recently checked out my first e-books from my local library this fall. Earlier this year I was busy to and from the same library getting books the old-fashioned way and I even got an old-fashioned fine. Oops! But it wasn't very much. Little did I know I could call in my books from home. It's merely getting hang of the system again. I've been buying my books for awhile now and simply not needing the library as much. Yet every place I've lived I've owned a library card and used it. It's a simple pleasure we often overlook. Young parents, it's definitely something to consider, if you don't already. What a great lesson for the kiddos!
There's a song or many on the radio or one you can play on your iPod and instantly you are transported, right? There's probably a lot!

Here's one. It's embarrassing. Nervous giggle. It's after school, fifth grade, Stevensville, Montana, in my room with two gal pals from a new school I was attending listening to Tiffany. Yes, Tiffany. We we're gossiping about boys. I knew every word of the song by heart.

Then, there was Kathy Mattea's "18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses." I was on the road with my Mom and we are headed to the mountains or Texas. It's sometime during what I call the "Moving Years." It's dusk and we were trying to decide whether to go on another 60 miles or stop in the town that's next up on the yellow line. I look in my Best Western catalog and try to pick a good place to stay for the night. In the rearview mirror, I can see Dad in the the moving van. I am mouthing the words to every last lyric. "Ten more miles on this four-day run / a few more songs on the all-night radio..."

The very song Liza chose is by the Violent Femmes and one friend of hers posted part of the lyrics, then I did... Music always brings people together. That's something I could write a post about easy, probably a book -- given my Dad's side of the family. Anyway, it's not the first times that's happened regarding a song and lyrics on Facebook. Someone will always provide lyrics to a song:
"Let me go on..."

I think no matter what make a point to reflect not just in November. Showing a grateful heart is sexy. Show it off to those single guys and gals or to your husband or wife. Plus, I'll tell you a lil' secret: It makes you feel good no matter what time of year. No, really. It's also a great lesson to pass down to

the next generation. Showing generosity to one another is such a beautiful thing, especially in this day and age! We seem to over extend the love during the holidays yet rarely check in on the neighbor or aunt or uncle during the year. Plus, the world... you see the headlines. Yes, life is "back to normal" but that doesn't mean we can't share a little love around January-October. A sweet treat, a big hug, or just someone to listen -- these are just a few little ways to show we care. A friend of mine, Soo Lee, who lives far away, decided she wanted to do something just a little extra special recently, sent me a pair of gift cards to places she knew I would enjoy (one was to Dairy Queen to get a few DQ dipped cones and another to Starbucks) It doesn't have to be a BIG something to make a HUGE, lasting impact. Just remember that. It was just right and WONDERFUL!

thanks·giv·ing noun \thaŋ(k)s-ˈgi-viŋ also ˈthaŋ(k)s-ˌ\
An act of giving thanks; an expression of gratitude, especially to God: a hymn of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day
(First Known Use of THANKSGIVING 1533)

Whether you give thanks publicly on a social network, among friends and family, or privately, don't forget YOUR HEALTH. Even if you have a condition, the body is working for you. Never forget that. I was thinking just this morning how my body every day tries its very best to flush all the toxins out of my body. With every pill I take, every scan with its contrast, my body is fighting for ME! We at least have to meet half way, for example, and drink enough to flush that gunk out of our system. Our physical body alone is amazing, constantly working, revitalizing itself each and every day. It is something we think about if we are forced to, let's say if symptoms erupt, or we're strapped to a gurney. So, this Thanksgiving, surrounded by loved ones and friends, be grateful for what's inside. Your insides are important. OK, it's corny, but come on... It's true you, know it. So many of us put it to the side or completely ignore it. Like putting off appointments or ignoring symptoms. Be aware of your body. Be grateful.
{I'm thankful for a body that doesn't fail me and keeps going even though it's been a crazy, sometimes difficult ride. It's always held up to the task. I may not be where I want to be but I can be thankful that I can get there one day.}

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sit back and enjoy the moment for what it is! Capture it for yourself. Don't let the camera do all the work. Soak it in. Gobble, Gobble. 

To my vegan/vegetarian friends:
Munch, Munch.

Video to share:
If you have not seen the story out of one special Target store demonstrating gratitude, check THIS out! It actually starts with a shopper and happened in one special Target -- to be specific. Enjoy. It will warm your heart.

*Remember, I waltzed with the help of my hot physical therapist, from my gurney to a chair in with my hospital gown UNTIED (not on purpose!). That's as close to any "action" as I'm getting right now. I'm leaving it to the experts, someone with some "game," or a nicer backside than mine. The story is here to read, if you are so inclined. Comment on your own embarrassing hospital story. Only fair after reading mine! HA! HA! ;)

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*Both are Facebook friends of mine.

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