Monday, September 24, 2012

'Lookout, The Healing Redhead is on the scene...'

Last week, I talked the ZAP, STING and BAM of invisible illness... Part I! Well, Part II is well on its way & coming soon! In the meantime, I found these colorful designer mittens that went along with my theme: "Let's Put on Our Superhero Gear!" How fun, right?
Kate Spade

If you are like me, you will be just looking from afar and not actually get to wear the fab n' fashionable hand warmers! Another reason chronic illness sucks... it sucks the funds right from ya! Money for bills and money for fun (like a massage, a night out, a book or two, a new outfit, cute mittens) Well, it's slim pickings these days... Frugal times, frugal measures. Over time, I will discuss how I manage  resources, make the most of what  I have and still manage to stay semi-sane & have a lil' fun here and there. If the present is not too pleasant I always like to remember, it's not forever. It might last a long, long time BUT not forever. Supposed to be kinda funny but I know some of us have been putting up with pain and side-effects for much too long and can't laugh anymore. Sometimes it is hard to believe on those dark days. I understand.  
I do believe there is an ebb and flow -- like our very own bodies, Mondays through Fridays and the energy of a puppy like my Oliver running and diving for toys then lightly snoring on my legs at night, dreaming of doing it all over again. 
So, I do a lot of puppy sitting and some window screen shopping (not buying, just looking), and collecting items on Pinterest that delight me. It's all for fun... the window shopping & pinning gives me ideas for the future when times might be brighter -- more money in my bank account and less pain in my body. I can hope and pray... Maybe I can buy myself that second Kate Spade purse and those mittens that say POW! Then I'll knock out invisible illness once and for all! K-BOOM! That's right! Lookout, The Healing Redhead is on the scene ready to rumble... with Chronic I! 

To Be Continued... 

 ©The Healing Redhead

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