Sunday, September 2, 2012

Take a Byte... Umm... Bite of This Cute Cupcake

Been checking out various cupcake recipes on Betty Crocker online today and found this cutie for back-to-school! Celebrate a job well done in the classroom (teacher and/or students) with mini versions or this size:

A+ Betty Crocker -- The Web site offers a fun feature where you can fill in up to three items from the pantry and *PrEsTO* it will build a recipe! How cool, right? I thought so. And if you love coupons, you will LOVE Miss Betty!

As for my cool-for-school selection is that the cutest laptop or what? Bet it is delicious too! I'd definitely take a byte... ummm... bite of that computer! I just love that it is an apple cupcake -- perfect for September-October... Let the fall baking begin! Yay! I started my own festivities this weekend with a 12 oz. pumpkin latte from Starbucks. I even got inspired to create a pie board on Pinterest. I will post a link when it's ready. FACT: Do you know that I have never made a pie in my entire life? That just will not do anymore. I want to start making PIES, dang it! It's a bucket list entry -- it's that important! I really don't want my pain from Neurofibromatosis to get in the way. If my pain can stay within reasonable limits and my energy can hold on here and there for some solid afternoons, we might just be in business, as they say. See building endurance and keeping my energy up (without 12 naps a day) is my current challenge. I would love to be able to bake a pie or two, a batch of cupcakes, and yummy pumpkin bread (a family favorite). We will see. I'm excited about the possibilities, though. I want my body to cooperate SO BAD yet like so many in similar circumstances know it can be disappointing season to season, putting up with constant aggravation, sadness, and missed opportunities. It is nursing those quelched hopes -- big and small -- that finally bring the tears. It is something hard to admit but it is true.

With chronic pain, much of it is out of our control. We do what we can and the rest we have to
deal with day to day and sometimes minute to minute, watching that timer like a nervous, first-time baker...waiting for that delicious cookie to rise.

Nerve pain is the the hallmark of Schwannomatosis or what I call NF 3. Don't tell any doctors or researchers. Heck, do! Why didn't they just call it that? Anyone know? Anyway, nerve pain, especially this brand, listens to no one. I mean NO ONE! It is the ultimate devil, the robber of life, the arch-enemy. I think you get the picture. Just ask anyone who has it. It is as haunting, even more so, than anything you find on Oct. 31. Let me make myself clear: the pain is scary, the people with the condition, like myself, ARE NOT! The adjectives that describe nerve pain are telling: stinging; jolting; radiating; numbing; burning; zapping; and more... The list could fill a large billboard. But I'd rather see a billboard photo of cute cupcakes (like above) or an ad for Dancing With the Stars' hottie Maks! Oh, don't act like you don't know WHO I speak of! Mr. Chmerkovskiy! (Brief side note: Good thing the contestants of Bachelor Pad did not get his last name at the Spelling Bee last week! Who knows how long that bee would have lasted! Those poor child judges.

As a person dealing with chronic pain issues 24/7, (my unscripted reality show) I have good days and not-so-good days and bad days. Fingers crossed with an upcoming medicine adjustment, I might be able to do more and actually sleep less. With that hope, I am making a list of Fall Fun Activities/Goals. You can do the same. Steal a few of mine, add a few of yours... Include them
below in the comments section! I love hearing from people! So when you have a good
day you can access the list and pick an item. Why not, right? If you have a significant other, children, extended family, etc., your list may look a lot different. Just remember to include 1-2 items for JUST YOURSELF. Like a massage. Too much $$? A lot of places run deals, so
don't automatically put the kibosh on pampering! Phone apps & newspaper & radio ads are
great places to start looking for % off.

My body is Ahhh-ing already just thinking about a SPA day.

With a new pain doctor working on my case and a hopeful spirit, I hope YOU & I, my reader, can enjoy autumn out and about... even if it's just a little bit. It is, after all, my favorite time of year!

A Few of My Autumnal Options
*Visit a pumpkin patch
*Make a pie from scratch
*Make seasonal cupcakes
*Visit craft store for inspiration
*Order festive dog collars for my fur babies
*Spend morning or afternoon at coffeeshop reading or writing at leisure
*Read political cartoons to offset the blistering candidate commercials
*Take autumn walk on cool, brisk day
*Enjoy tossing frisbee with puppy, Oliver
*Get a massage
*Enjoy a pedicure so my toes have autumn flair
*Go to local library & read magazines
*Make meeting of local writers group
*Visit church during off-hours to pray, listen
*Stretch right hand to strengthen mobility
*Try to journal with pen at times instead of with just computer (My left hand is at bit more difficult to write with given it is not my dominant hand. Journal with both and be
*Last, but NOT least, make dog treats for "the kids."

***READERS, DON'T HOLD OUT ON ME! What are some of your favorite autumn treats? Don't forget: I would LOVE to hear your ideas and plans for fall.

 ©The Healing Redhead


  1. Eat candy corn
    Toss the football in the front yard

  2. On my autumn to do list...visit Roloff Farm! Did you watch the new episode? So good! I, too, have never baked a pie. Should we try it the same weekend and compare notes? Sounds like a fun challenge to me. :)

  3. Foods: hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, zesty chili, hearty soups

    Activities: visit Hendersonville, NC to soak in the apple-scented air, scrunch thru scattered leaves in the yard, light autumn-scented candles in the house, plan ahead for Thanksgiving

    This year for me: end of radiation treatments for breast cancer

  4. I'm going to try a new pumpkin bread recipe this year! :) You're welcome to join me!

    1 box spice cake mix
    1 can of pumpkin
    1 bag of chocolate chips

    bake at 350 for 30 minutes (in either loaves or muffin tins). :)

    love ,me

  5. It is officially now fall! Enjoy! Thanks to those of you who read my blog and responded! I love to read notes, suggestions, and stories by YOU -- the reader!

    Yum, candy corn! That is one of my favorites -- by far!

    Soo Lee: I like the pie idea... I just don't know how reliable I'll be if it is a certain weekend on the calendar given my pain. I am a last-minute girl now. On everything. Quite frustrating for someone who used to be planner. Sounds like a fun idea, though! I've definitely learned to go with the flow schedule-wise... A big lesson as a person with chronic illness. Maybe we can work something out! :)

    To SR Luttrell: Congratulations on the end of your radiation treatments! To healthy, non-hospital days ahead... enjoying those apple scented candles! Have a terrific autumn! Keep me posted on how you're doing!

    Courtney: Yum! Sounds good to me! I have so many great pumpkin recipes... I hope to get to make 1-2! Keep reading to see which one (or none - hope not!) make the list! Reason I say this? The pain has ramped up the last few weeks so I am nervous... I hope to be able to spend some time in the kitchen in the coming weeks! Fingers crossed!

    Thanks readers for making my blog your Internet stop! Take care!